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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  September 15, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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protests and security concerns spread across the muslim world agency the u.s. ordered families of diplomats out of sudan and tunisia. and after more than a year, a maryland mother speaks about the murder of her daughter and how she's keeping her memory alive. good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. we begin in the middle east where anger sparked by an anti-muslim film continues to grow. yemen's al qaeda branch is calling for more attack on u.s. embassies, and praised the killing of u.s. ambassador chris stevens in libya earlier this week. that prompted an elite u.s. marine rapid response team to be
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deployed to yemen today. meanwhile, in its first interview, libya's president told "nbc news at sunrise," the attack was carried out by libyans and foreigners. the first time foreigners were said to be involve the in the attack. the state department is tell families of u.s. diplomats to leave. more on the growing violence. >> reporter: the anti-islamic movie showed is signs of subsiding in cairo. a striking contrast to the days of anti-american demonstrations that spread across north africa, the middle east and asia. for the u.s. government, the focus remains on the deadly attack during a protest at the u.s. consulate in libya on september 11th. >> the question is, was this just a target of opportunity or was this something, you know, that where support and direction from the outside -- >> reporter: a day after receiving the bodies of the four
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americans killed in the libya attack, president obama sent a signal to the world. >> those who attack our people will find no escape from justice. >> reporter: the anti-american protests are cooling off. >> he has coddled and appeased those who want to do us harm. >> reporter: the political rhetoric here at home is as heated as ever. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. back leer in the district, an overnight shooting left a man fighting for his life at this hour. happened earlier this morning in the 1200 block of 12th street not far from navy yard. police arrived to find two men shot. the other man was still alert. he's expected to be okay. no one's been arrested. a deadly drug resistant super bug killed another patient at the national institutes of health. it's called club cie l.a. a. seven dies as a direct result of the infection. more recently, a minnesota boy who had complications from a
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bone marrow transplant died, ard cou -of-according to the "weekend update," th update," -- "washington post," this is the first one. lauren gidings found dead last year in georgia shortly after graduating from law school. this weekend the laurel community is coming together to remember giddings, and raise money for a cause that she cared about. news 4 spoke with giddings mother, and darcy spencer is in the newsroom with what they had to say. >> reporter: her mom made it clear it's the support of the community that helps them get through the very dark moments. today that community got together to do something gettings loved to do. that's to play softball. at a field in laurel, members of the community are playing in a softball tournament in memory of 27-year-old lauren giddings, a laurel native and law school
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graduate found brutally murdered near her apartment in june of last year. her mom says the community helped the family deal with this tragedy. >> just overwhelmed. i am truly overwhelmed by this beautiful day and the outpour of support from this community. >> reporter: karen giddings said lauren loved softball and this tournament made possible by donations and volunteers was the ideal way to honor her. >> she loved people coming together, and if this doesn't embody everything laueren was about, nothing will, because -- on every team there's somebody that's connected to lauren somehow. >> reporter: lauren's neighbor and classmate in georgia has been charged with the murder. police say she was dismembered. this tournament is part of the healing process for a family still mourning. many of those playing are family members and close friends. the event is named after lauren's dog, but per bean who lost an eye after being hit by a
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car. >> i've known lauren since she was like, 3. she went to school with my son, and -- karen played on our team. we've known -- just one, big happy family railroads. >> reporter: a foundation has been named, it benefits the special olympics. >> we hope she's here today, too, with her family being here, it's really -- really something to keep her memory going. >> reporter: this truly was a community effort. the city of laurel donated the use of the fields, the fire department donated the use of an emergency vehicle. that's for the concession stand, and more than 50 businesses and organizations donated products and services to make the event a success. back to you. >> darcy, thanks. a fund razor for a teen killed in her home last month. about 100 people came out to charles flowers high school this morning collecting money for the amber stanley fund to help the
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family with expenses. the 17-year-old was killed in her bed on august 23rd. this event was organized by the full circle martial arts academy, offering a free self-defenseless son to those who attended. police are still looking for suspects in stanley's murder. and teachers rally despite reaching an agreement, tentative. there's a framework for a new contract. tomorrow union officials will present the framework to a committee. then they will vote on whether to end the strike. that means students could return to school as early as monday. just over seven weeks until the presidential election, but only paul ryan is busy on the campaign trail today. the republican vice president candidate was in the battleground state of florida. he continued to hit president obama on the state of the u.s. economy, and he was critical of the federal reserve for their actions this week to try and speed up the recovery. >> and just yesterday we heard
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that the federal reserve is coming with a new bailout. this matters. so the federal reserve is basically saying that we don't have a recovery. obama-nomics didn't work. now they're come wig their bailout. >> the president did not have any campaign appearances today, but this week, three new nbc/"wall street journal" polls find president obama leading mitt romney in the three battleground states of florida, ohio and virginia. hope you got to get outside today. great start to the day. sun, nice breeze. meteorologist chuck bell is here to tell us just how long this is going to last, and i fear you're going to tell us there's a change a-coming. >> there's always a change coming. it's a matter how long you'll wait for it. i think we'll squeak out at least one more extra nice day around here. that day will be, fortunately enough, tomorrow. so that is welcome news. today, though, all the bright sunshine, temperatures now still in the low to mid-70s across the
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area. the air is nice and dry. dew point temperatures in the 40s and low 50s. that means after the sun goes down, temperatures are really going to cool off quickly. we are back down into the mid-60s by 11:00 tonight. what about tomorrow? we'll talk about that in a few more minutes. >> chuck, see you in a bit. more controversy for the royal couple as private photos of kate middleton are published by ather uk tabloid. celebrating d.c.'s historic neighborhood at the h festival, and big change, who will
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the newspapers published nude photos of kate middleton, the irish daily star ran the topless vacation pictures of the duchess inside the paper today. the photos were not featured in the edition distributed in northern ireland, part of the uk. british tabloids is not run the photos but arn italian paper says they will publish them as well very on. kate middleton and prince william filed a lawsuit yesterday against the french magazine for publishing the photos claiming privacy
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violations. and you heard the dream, if you build it they can come. that apparently applies to new smartphones. this is the scene in apple the flagship store in manhattan, outside the store. apple's new iphone 5 doesn't hit store shelves until friday but customer, already camping out for it. according to the "new york post" online sales sold out in an hour. demand is so high it will likely take apple two weeks or longer to ship everyone's phone. tonight is the premiere of "saturday night live." seth mcfarland is the host with musical guest frank ocean and new cast members in the mix this season and a new president obama. jay farrell takes over the role. you can watch "saturday night live" now in its 38th season tonight after news 4 at 11:00. d.c. has a lot of historic neighborhoods. today, h street honored with a special designation.
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how the city celebrated the area's cultural history. great day to be outside. sun a nice breeze. enjoy it while it lasts. storm 4 team meteor logist chuck bell will
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and she'll be green and lush as the banks of bonny doon come springtime! and a "bonny doon" to you! [ scott ] get scotts turf builder winterguard. it's guaranteed. feed your lawn. feed it! the annual h street festival attracts thousands every year. this year the festival offers visitors a tour through the rich history. more from the newly designated heritage trail.
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>> two, three -- >> reporter: the h street northeast day heritage trail runs a course allowing people to find their places in d.c. history and some quite literally. >> is that you? >> that's me. >> reporter: a little girl in a window when this picture was taken. >> friends down here and five and dime and movies, and anything can you think of. >> reporter: james moore came in the '50s. >> the first blacks on the block. the rest on the block was italians. >> reporter: and says everybody got along. >> loved each other. we could sit on the porch. >> reporter: a daughter of an immigrant is the beaming bride in this photo. president roosevelt ride big her maryland avenue home as children played. >> little kids -- hello, mr. president. >> reporter: the kind of things they point out. personal memories and pivotal
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points in history. these tours reflect community sentiments about what's significant and worth note. >> people who live here now, lived here before, getting their stories and adding to it the history we researched. >> reporter: that pat collins, father had a doctor's office downstairs and soon to be a grocery store. >> you go to the bakery department, you'll be right about where my bedroom was. >> reporter: people seem to find themselves among this corridor. always managing to meld into something uniquely washington. >> the best times with each other. we loved each other. we were always playing together. it was really nice. >> just that's wonderful. >> it really is one of america's number one destinations. >> for news 4. >> i hope pat cleaned up his room by now. >> i don't know what he was doing baking bread in there. >> i want to see that picture again if we can cue it up at some point. >> good picture of him in hat.
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good day to be outside today. >> awesome. >> dedicating heritage trails going out for a jog, kite flying, anything you wanted to do outside it was a very weather cooperative setup, no doubt about it. plenty of sunshine, pretty much start to finish. we've picked up cloudiness during the course of the afternoon that made our sky a little more of a milky white as opposed to a crystal blue sky out there. nonetheless, it's turned out to be a beautiful afternoon and a very pleasant evening. it's just around the corner. 76 now in washington, but dew point temperatures are back down into the mid-40s. so once this northwesterly breeze lays down around sunset, temperatures will start to fall very, very quickly. already low to mid-70s out there. overnight lows tonight with dew points that low, right inside the cities. baltimore, washingt, along the chesapeake bay, upper 50s to around 60. you won't have to go far into the west to drop into the low 50s. manassas, culpepper, martinsburg, upper 40s.
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a very nice chill first thing tomorrow morning. make your plans for your saturday evening. temperatures, low to mid-70s now. back down into the mid-60s by 10:00, 11:00 trial frame. cooling down quickly once the sun has set. storm 4 radar. not much out there just yet and no rain too terribly close to us. the closest rain drops inching their way into western parts of kentucky, all part of the next weather system, which will follow this big area of high pressure on into the eastern seaboard as the high moves out, clouds move in. mid to late day tomorrow. start with a good looking day. the sunshine fading further and further behind cloud cover by tomorrow afternoon andevening, and by monday morning first thing, the rain drops will be very, very close. may even have had a renegade sprinkle or two. that's just about. it the real steady, heavier rains arrive here monday late afternoon, evening and last through most of the day tuesday. for your overnight hours tonight, high clouds, light winds and nice and chilly out for you folks west of the blue ridge. milder in town.
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then your sunday forecast, nothing to complain about here. a little increase in cloud cover late in the day. we'll stay dry tomorrow for sure. monday rain drops, the early as monday morning rush. most likely lunchtime or thereafter. tuesday is washout category and stretch the rain drops into early wednesday, just a precaution. >> thanks, chuck. coming up in sports, the terps try and go 3-0 on the young season, and it always helps when you're
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. sports college football. sort of what goes around comes around in a kind of way. right? >> oh, man. talk about upsets and a whole new meaning when it comes to that in college football today. randy edsel facing his former team, put uconn on the map. in 128 years built the hunk is from a small time program to a big east threat. that hard work came back to bite him today as his old team meets his new team, in a showdown at bird stadium. the terps come in looking for their first 3-0 start since 2001. that's just what the fans looking for, even on their birthday, first quarter, maryland punting from its own
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end zone. nick williams will field it for uconn and you know whachs when we're showing a play like this. williams razzle-dazzles his way to the outside and returns the punt 58 yards to the huskies up 14-7 at the half. fast forward it fourth. here they come, under pressure. tipped by marcus into the hands of his teammate stephon diggs. take a look. a little luck, but the terps will take it. 29-yard touchdown, gets maryland within three points. later in the quarter, terps down 10. hill takes it himself. rushing in. maryland consults the lead down to three points again, but with 25 seconds to go, fourth and 14, last chance. hills, plenty of time. his pass, and it sails long. maryland's comeback falls just short. uconn wins 24-21.
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terps 2-1 as they fall to edsel's former team. >> you know, when the gail's over you go and you say hello o to, you know, people that you worked with, and you know, people that you coached. and wish them well. you know, and tell them that if there's anything you can do for them, after they graduate, to give you a call. there's always going to be a sense of pride with what you do, but i'm just proud of the what we did there, but i'm proud of these kid here at maryland for how they hung in there today and competed. >> an emotional randy edsel there. yeah. first road game for number 13 virginia tech. hokies visiting pittsburgh. panthers 0-2, lost to youngstown snat their opener but starting strong. 12-yard touchdown run by ray graham. pitt leads 21-3 at the half.
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third quarter, hokies down 28-10, showing some life. logan thomas, connects with marcus davis. this is what we callia yak. you know what that is? it's an 85-yard touchdown. tech with striking distance down 28-17. coming a long way here. >> yeah, they are. >> in the fourth quarter, tight end, mike shanahan there. yeah. his name. no troelgs our coach. pitt with a huge upset 35-17 the final. mike london's cavaliers beginning play against paul johnson and georgia tech, after a three and out by uva, first play for the yellow jackets, kevin washington, deep for zach lasky. he's got him. this is supposed to be a running team, guys. a 70-yard touchdown catch here rambling and an early lead. georgia tech's next possession.
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second play. passed to smith on the option. smith showing off his running skills here, down the sideline. 77 yards for the score and right now virginia trails 49-7 in the fourth quarter. other games in progress, penn state leading navy 34-7 in the fourth. james madison, west virginia going head-to-head. mountaineers dominated at the half. howard blowing by fnorfolk stat. and redskins in the show me state hoping to show up just like in new orleans. pierre is questionable. backup, ready to go. aldrick robinson proven he belongs on the 53-man r069er. second year receiver spent all but one game on the practice squad last season, but in game one, when garzon went down, he stepped pup four catches including this, it's just the beginning for a guy who's always shown potential. >> that's what you're hoping he
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could do, because there's no doubt he's talented enough to do it. you everyone inner know until aal guy gets thrown in the situation. pierre got to play eight plays. in the eight plays did a hell of a job. we kept going to him and didn't miss a beat. stepped it up, did what he was supposed to do and i was real happy for him. >> that game on sunday, tomorrow at 4:00. nats in progress. can't show you the pictures. 4-4 tied in the seventh. davey johnson ejected. tease for 11:00. >> oh. i want to know what happened. >> tease for 11:00. gotta go. that's the news for now. "nightly news" is up next and we will be back
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